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#HealMeToo Podcast Episode 9:

Ianne Fields Stewart & Maybe Burke—Trans & GNC Perspectives on #MeToo & Healing



Hear two phenomenal artist-activists for social justice and the human rights of trans, nonbinary and gender nonconforming (GNC) folks, Ianne Fields Stewart and Maybe Burke, share about the pervasive experiences of sexual violence and gender oppression within their communities, and ideas that help support healing. 

Maybe and Ianne are co-founders of the Topics Include Podcast, available on Apple and everywhere. Full bios below.

The #HealMeToo Podcast is hosted by Hope Singsen--the artist, creativity researcher and survivor-activist who founded the #HealMeToo Festival in NYC this Spring. 

The recording facilities and engineer for this episode were provided through the generous support of Fr. James Hauver, Pastor of St. Columba Church, and Fr. Walter Niebrzydowski of The Fr. Walter Outreach, inc., a nonprofit organization working to repair the effects of sexual violence and gender oppression. You can learn more about their mission to promote the true, the good, and the beautiful through spirituality, media, and technology at fatherwaltersparish.org.

Recorded & Engineered by Corey Kaup
Edited by Hope Singsen
Music performed by Micah Burgess:
If I Can by Hope Singsen & Dillon Kondor
Rockabye by Hope Singsen, Dillon Kondor & Micah Burgess
Gorgeous Fire by Hope Singsen & Dillon Kondor

A multi-media presentation curated for the #HealMeToo Festival Audio: An excerpt from "Do You Want Me to Stop" by Maybe Burke as presented on thefemaleplaywrightproject.com. Sound design by Natalie Johnsonius Neubert. Video: Maybe Burke singing "Fear Itself" by Taylor Mac while shaving their head live on stage.

Episode Guest Bios

Ianne Fields Stewart is a Black queer nonbinary transfeminine New York-based storyteller working at the intersection of theatre and activism. Their work and she are dedicated to interrupting the exclusivity of luxury by making things like entertainment, nourishment, and self care accessible to the most marginalized in their community. In a world that is constantly traumatizing Black bodies she believes that Black queer and trans people should have the space and time to center collective emotional, physical, and sensual pleasure. Ianne is also the founder of The Okra Project which hires Black Trans chefs to cook healthy and culturally specific meals for Black Trans People in their homes or community centers if they’re experiencing homelessness. Most recently, Ianne was named by Gay Star News as one of the 21 non-binary artists including Ezra Miller and Indya Moore who are redefining gender.

Maybe Burke s a New York based actor, writer, and human rights advocate interested in telling the stories that haven't been told.  Their work has been seen at Joe's Pub, Lincoln Center, Cherry Lane Theatre, Ars Nova, New Dramatists, HERE Arts Center, The NYC LGBTQ Center, and more. Their solo show, Love Letters to Nobody, received the 2017 Fresh Fruit Spirit Award for Fostering Pride, Survival, History, and Progress and earned them a nomination for the 2018 Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award.