©Karl Rabe/Vassar College

©Karl Rabe/Vassar College

#HealMeToo Festival Presents: SKIN


SATURDAY 3/30 at 7pm

saturday 4/6 at 7pm

friday 4/12 at 7pm


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"SKIN left me speechless. It is such a powerful exploration of self, touch, time, and healing. It took my breath away.”—Vassar student

"I will look back on SEEING SKIN as the turning point in my journey to heal." —University of Georgia student

Two things threaten a grad student’s dissertation on Virginia Woolf: her hot new girlfriend and her own dark past.

Frank and funny, this queer love story with music created by #HealMeToo Fest founder Hope Singsen travels the confusing & creative road back to intimacy after early life sexual violence. Directed by Jessi D. Hill. Music by Hope Singsen, Bob Parins, Micah Burgess and Dillon Kondor.

Confronted by echoes of sexual violence in Woolf's text, a grad student races to write herself into a happier future. Her work grows inventive—even sensual experience becomes a medium for discovery as she strives for a love greater than any she's known before. But after you learn to guard against life, can you open up again?

Content warning: Brief descriptions of sexual violence and a few loud noises.

"Empowering. Inspiring. Funny! A critically important topic handled sensitively and creatively."—Exec. Dir. NYC Dept of Education Counseling & Support Program

"I’ve never met anyone who ...with such kindness and gentleness ...told their story so raw. It was incredibly beautiful and I don’t think I’ll ever feel alone in this again.”—Dutchess College student

“There is something truly magical in the way you’ve managed to combine love, hardship, passion, and memory into art. SKIN was one of the most engaging and honest shows I’ve ever seen.”—Vassar student

"Tender, playful, clever, and nuanced – I highly recommend SKIN for anyone who has confronted trauma or cares about someone who has."—Zoe Ridolfi-Starr, Columbia University Co-Founder of direct action activist group, No Red Tape, with Mattress Performance artist Emma Sulkowicz

“Beautiful, moving, raw, and real. As complex, layered, and deeply investigated as anything Woolf wrote. I feel lucky I saw this.”—Brian McManamon, guest director at the Juilliard School

“I was healed by honesty. Grateful for the experience.”—Audience member