From March 27 through April 14 at NYC’s West Village IRT Theater, this first-ever Festival will bring together over 50 artists and experts for performances, panels and participatory workshops. In recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, let’s create an intersectional space for conversation that celebrates healing and inspires cultural change.

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Shows & Special Events

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Opening Night: NYC Teens & Teen Talkback

Gifted teen artists and activists of JKO High School and GoodCapp Arts will co-headline the Festival’s Opening Night and perform excerpts of their original work, followed by a talkback led by Teen Eye Magazine’s Em Odesser and Elise Schuster of okayso.co.

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Identifying “'the Predator” in the Era of #MeToo

An immersive experience presented by HERassment and curated by filmmaker Carmen LoBue with celebrated guests including Tony Award-winner and Times Up member, Tonya Pinkins, actress Michelle Hurd, NYT bestselling author and award-winning actress Jennifer Esposito, internationally touring writer, Caroline Rothstein, activist Ruby Anaya of Swing Left, and others to be announced.

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Truth & Reconciliation of Womyncurated by Tony-winner Tonya Pinkins

Three evenings of restorative narratives by leading intersectional feminist playwrights, plus talkbacks, will address historical and contemporary stories of the oppression of and by womyn to offer paths to healing.

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by Fest Founder Hope Singsen, directed by Jessi D. Hill

Frank and funny, this queer love story with music explores some ways art can help us heal, tracking a grad student's creative road back to intimacy after early life sexual violence. Her work grows inventive—even sensual experience becomes a medium for discovery. But after you learn to guard against life, can you open up again?

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Growing Wild

by Shona Tucker, directed by Liz Van Dyke

A gorgeous solo performance by Broadway’s Shona Tucker (To Kill a Mockingbird) about a family's inter-generational quest to heal from the trauma of a mysterious sex crime. Live music by Jack Gulielmetti.

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Devil in a Boxby Sarah Jane Johnson, directed by Patrice Miller

Equal parts poetic theater and feminist stand up, about the journey of a young American woman from sexual assault, through the French justice system and into life after trauma. Told with disarming honesty, beaucoup d’humour, and a 24 oz. can of Miller Lite.

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Gutless & Grateful–by Amy Oestreicher

A family-friendly journey of hope, resilience and gratitude, this one-woman musical autobiography of early-life sexual abuse and a uniquely challenging medical journey shows the human spirit can prevail over extraordinary odds.

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Emma Sulkowicz Award, Pussy Grabber Plays & Activist Training by Ana Maria Archila’s org

A selection of plays inspired by the women who came forward to tell their stories of Trump’s sexual assaults, will be followed by the first-ever #HealMeToo Award presentated to Emma Sulkowicz for their Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight) at Columbia University. We’ll finish with kickass activist training from the lead organizer of Flake Elevator shero Ana Maria Archila’s CPD-Action, to teach us all to craft our stories into persuasive tools for change.

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Lost / Found: Variety Show

A full-length program of boundary-pushing movement art, spoken word, songs and monologues that explore rape culture, masculinity, reclaiming one’s body, and getting creative about seeking consent.

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Self / Worth: Variety Show

An full-length show of multi-disciplinary dance, puppetry, songs and stories exploring intimate partner violence, undocumented status, sexual harassment, queer resilience, and breaking the cycles of trauma.

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A Moth-Inspired Storytelling Event

On the second-to-last night of the Festival, a very special storytelling workshop will culminate in a Moth-inspired event dedicated to community members telling their true personal stories of #HealMeToo Moments.

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A Bad Night

Playwrights Nicole Pandolfo and Amy E. Witting will pair a reading of their documentary play about acquaintance rape and consent, A Bad Night, with an expert talkback on prevention and Justice.

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Panel-Podcast Tapings


Emma Sulkowicz & Jerin Arifa

Get inspiration and strategies from legendary performance art/activist Emma Sulkowicz (Mattress Performance/Carry That Weight) and formerly undocumented Muslim feminist youth activist Jerin Arifa, who led sexual violence policy change at the third largest U.S. university—while undocumented!

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Sarah Austin Jenness & Katie Cappiello

On April 11, Sarah Austin Jenness, Executive Producer of The Moth, will join playwright Katie Cappiello in conversation about how and why telling our personal stories can be healing.

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Tonya Pinkins & Lindsay Lederman

Tony Award-winner and #HealMeToo presenting artist Tonya Pinkins will join the Clinical Director of The Art Therapy Project and other experts to consider the neuroscience of healing through the arts.

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Eric McGriff, Nastia Gorodilova & Amanda Burden

What forms of intervention and prevention may help to #HealMeToo? Learn about consent education, bystander training, Restorative Justice, and more from an expert panel of survivor advocates.

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#TheatreToo Panelconvened by Let Us Work

Rachel Dart and Stephanie Swirsky, activists and co-founders of advocacy group Let Us Work, will convene a dynamic #TheatreToo panel on ways artists are organizing to take the "whisper" out of the network.

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Our Variety Show Artists


Do You Want Me to Stop by Maybe Burke

Actor, writer, and human rights advocate Maybe Burke will share a video paired with their audio #MeToo narrative. Maybe is a co-curator of the Trans Theatre Festival at The Brick, and the founder of The Trans Literacy Project with Honest Accomplice Theatre.

Featured in: Lost & Found

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The Teen Artists of GoodCapp Arts

These inspiring teens will co-headline an extraordinary Opening Night event, and then reprise excerpts from their widely-toured productions on topics like rape culture, masculinity, and slut-shaming as part of a Festival Variety Show.

Featured in: Lost & Found


The Virgin Stripper by Raquel Almazan

Reflecting the personal #MeToo experience of the playwright, this piece is a revolutionary call to action for women to defend themselves against their abusers in their home, work place and societies at large.

Featured in: Lost & Found


Songs by Marcela Avelina

Marcela Avelina is a New York City native embodying unapologetic vulnerability and empowerment through her songwriting.

Featured in: Lost & Found


Movement Artist/Storyteller Evelyn Lilian Sanchez Narvaez

Featured in both Variety Shows, Evelyn will share original works about obtaining the consent of a surprising partner, and actualizing self-worth while contending with racist, classist encounters.

Featured in: Lost & Found

Featured in: Self/Worth

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Scarcity Freezerby Glenn Marla

Artist and Art Therapist Glenn Marla will share from their work Scarcity Freezer, a puppet show about Mothers, Imagination, queer resilience, food, and breaking cycles of trauma.

Featured in: Self/Worth

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Mariaby Micaela Mamede

A playful and poignant interdisciplinary dance performed by an ensemble of non-U.S. born immigrant women and allies, about a young woman’s journey through the sex industry and intimate partner violence while undocumented in NYC.

Featured in: Self/Worth

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The Dues That Must Be Paid–by Yvette Heyliger, directed by John Scutchins

A monologue in which a middle-aged African American actress recounts her story of sexual harassment and assault.

Featured in: Self/Worth


Baggage at the Doorby Dana Aber

When falling in love triggers latent PTSD, she might just be f#ck*d. This song cycle unpacks the process one woman undertook to put her past traumas aside and love again.

Featured in: Self/Worth


Participatory Workshops

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New! Moth-inspired Storytelling Workshop & Live Show

Join us for an innovative and supportive storytelling two-week workshop led by expert storytelling facilitators trained at The Moth. Meets for two Sunday mornings, culminating in a Saturday night live show (optional).

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New! Introduction to Intimacy Direction with Claire Warden

Learn about the considerations required when creating and performing scenes of intimacy from an international leader of the movement and part of the teaching team of Intimacy Directors International.

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New! Move to Move Beyond with Gibney

An innovative and effective program from dance performance and social justice powerhouse Gibney that uses the transformative power of movement to make a difference in the lives of intimate partner and gender-based violence survivors.

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Art Therapy Workshop

Join #HealMeToo Festival Sponsor The Art Therapy Project for an art-making activity workshop. Led by art therapist Suzanne Deisher, ATR-BC, LCAT, attendees will gain an understanding how art therapy is used to help those who have experienced trauma.

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Creating Safe Spaces Workshop

We know what’s wrong. Now what do we do about it? Award-winning theatrical producer, director, business manager and human resources professional Akia Squitieri will lead a workshop on creating safe spaces in creative environments.

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The #HealMeToo Festival

In 30+ multi-disciplinary performances, extraordinary special events, expert-led workshops, discussion panels and podcasts, the #HealMeToo Festival will raise critical questions about the cultural changes needed to address and prevent sexual and gendered violence. We’ll explore many approaches to healing: from activism, to bodywork, to the latest therapeutic advances, to creative writing, art, music and dance.

The #HealMeToo Festival is founded by Artistic Director and Executive Producer, Hope Singsen, with Managing Producer Charlotte Arnoux, Production Stage Manager, Clarissa Marie Ligon, Technical Director, Alexandra Lane, Producing Associate Marcela Barry, Assistant Producer Thalia Sablon, Marketing Producer, Jordan Bean, Social Media Producer, Jessica Schmidt, and Co-Executive Producer Rachel Hills.

Supported by official Festival Sponsor, The Art Therapy Project, #HealMeToo Festival is presented, in part, through Kori Rushton and IRT’s Residency Season (irttheater.org).

Follow @healmetoofest on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook to see every new announcement. All events at IRT Theater: 154 Christopher Street, west of Hudson.

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