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Lost / Found: Variety Show


friday 4/5 AT 7PM

saturday 4/6 AT 3PM




eligible for 10-PACK tickets

A full-length program of powerful music, movement art and multi-media #MeToo monologues that explore unsafe relationships and the complexities of desire as well as masculinity, the justice system, sex trafficking, and getting creative about seeking consent.

Content Warning: Strong language and brief descriptions of sexual violence.


Actor, writer, and human rights advocate Maybe Burke will share a video paired with their audio #MeToo narrative titled “Do You Want Me To Stop.” Maybe is a co-curator of the Trans Theatre Festival at The Brick, and the founder of The Trans Literacy Project with Honest Accomplice Theatre. Maybe received the 2017 Fresh Fruit Spirit Award for Fostering Pride, Survival, History, and Progress. @believeinmaybe maybeburke.com

Movement Artist/Storyteller Evelyn Lilian Sanchez Narvaez will share an original piece about obtaining the consent of a surprising partner.


Marcela Avelina is a New York City native embodying unapologetic vulnerability and empowerment through her songwriting. 

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The Teens of GoodCapp Arts will perform excerpts from Katie Cappiello's widely-toured productions, unpacking topics such as rape culture, consent, masculinity, assault and slut-shaming. Witness some of GoodCapp’s teen artists in conversation about their work below.


Interdisciplinary artist, facilitator and activist Raquel Almazan will perform “The Virgin Stripper,” a monologue from her full-length play based on her experiences with rape culture, She Wolves. Reflecting the personal #MeToo experience of the playwright, this piece is a revolutionary call to action for women to defend themselves against their abusers in their home, work place and societies at large.