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Podcast Trailers

Introducing the #HealMeToo Podcast, hosted by Hope Singsen, the artist, creativity researcher and survivor-activist who founded the #HealMeToo Festival in NYC. 

Trailer 1 features some of the 50+ intersectional artists, experts and activists who performed in the Festival or joined panels and participatory workshops to empower survivors and help inspire change. 

Trailer 2 offers quick clips from some of the plays, monologues, poems, songs performed at the Festival, which we’ll share in Podcast Extras throughout Season One.

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In Trailer 1, you'll hear (in order of appearance): 

  • Tony-winning actor, playwright, producer & activist Tonya Pinkins. 

  • Lindsay Lederman, Clinical Director of The Art Therapy Project. 

  • The Moth's Executive Producer Sarah Austin Jenness. 

  • Celebrated playwright Katie Cappiello of the highly-acclaimed teen shows "Slut" and "Now That We're Men.

  • Survivor advocate and prevention educator Eric McGriff of NYC's Crime Victims Treatment Center. 

  • World-famous artist and activist Emma Sulkowicz, renowned for their protest work "Mattress Performance (Carry That Weight)" in which they carried a mattress from  2014 to 2015 at Columbia University, sparking a movement against rape on campuses around the globe. 

  • Music credit: Hope Singsen and Dillon Kondor, performed and recorded by Micah Burgess.

Trailer 2 features excerpts by the following artists (in order of appearance): 

  • Scaffolding, with music by Thomas Jacobsen and lyrics by Dana Aber, from the soloshow Dana Aber’s Baggage at the Door, presented in the variety show Self / Worth, curated by Hope Singsen. 

  • Through the I's, devised and performed by the students of Smash Arts Productions at Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis High School, based on the text of Emily Doe's testimony in the Brock Turner case, and presented as part of Opening Night: NYC Teens

  • Till Hell Freezes Over by Tonya Pinkins, directed by Lili Stiefel, featuring Rachael Holmes & Annie McGreevey as part of Truth & Reconciliation of Womyn, curated by Tonya Pinkins. 

  • An Act of Love, written and performed by Zainab Mabizari in Self / Worth

  • Do You Want Me To Stop? written and performed by Maybe Burke, presented in Self / Worth

  • The Grandmothers by Kristine M. Reyes, directed by Kat Yen, featuring Akiko Hiroshima as part of Truth & Reconciliation of Womyn

  • The Dues That Must Be Paid, written and performed by Yvette Heyligger and directed by John Scutchins in Self / Worth

  • SKIN written and performed by Hope Singsen.

  • Scarcity Freezer, written and performed by Glenn Marla, presented in Self / Worth.