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#HealMeToo Festival StorytellingWorkshop

interactive workshop on:

sunday 4/7: 10am - 1pm


Email healmetoofestival@gmail.com to sign up

  • Meets Sunday 4/7—10am-1pm

Join us for a supportive storytelling workshop to locate and explore a personal story from your life about a moment when you experienced healing — whether from the impacts of gendered oppression or sexual violence or other types of healing.

This workshop will be led by Micaela Blei and Onnesha Roychoudhuri who met as expert facilitators and storytellers at The Moth. They are now part of Speech/Act, a social-justice-oriented storytelling collective. Blei and Roychoudhuri will lead up to 12 participants in locating and developing a personal story, using #HealMeToo as our theme.

To honor where survivors may be at and minimize triggering, our focus won’t dwell on graphic details of any abuse. Together, we’ll learn storytelling fundamentals, and experience brainstorming exercises.

If your story focuses on how a #MeToo experience led to a moment of healing, maybe it was a time when something shifted or lifted just a bit. Maybe you noticed signs of progress or even a breakthrough. It could be about a time you didn’t think you were “healing” at all. Or the moment when you asked your community to change in order to move forward. We invite you to let these stories be as various, surprising—and also joyful—as healing itself can be.