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#HealMeToo Festival Presents: Truth And Reconciliation of Womyncurated by Tonya Pinkins

Tony Award-winner Tonya Pinkins presents three Sunday evening staged readings from Truth and Reconciliation of Womyn, an anthology of restorative narratives by leading intersectional feminist playwrights. Each evening will present a different collection of ten-minute plays and songs that address historical and contemporary stories of the oppression of (and by) womyn – and offer paths to healing.

An interactive experience with pre-show and post-show questionnaires and facilitated talk-backs after each performance, TRW’s mission is building bridges to an oppression free world.

Hear Excerpts on the #HealMeToo Podcast

In this #HealMeToo Podcast Extra, you'll hear excerpts from a few truth and reconciliation plays and songs workshopped at the #healmetoo festival (in order of appearance):

Traditional Native American chant performed by Tonya Pinkins, Julie Brown, Amanda Rodriguez, Lina Sarrello & Sarah Teed

Till Hell Freezes Over, by Tonya Pinkins, directed by Lili Stiefel
With Annie McGreevey & Rachael Holmes

Tilling the Soil, by Michelle Tyrene Johnson, directed by Tonya Pinkins
Featuring Carmen LoBue

Womyn, a song written and performed by Julie Brown

Law 136 by Carmen Rivera, directed by Tonya Pinkins
With Amanda Rodriguez, Lina Sarrello & Mary Archbold

The Grandmothers, by Kristine M Reyes, directed by Kat Yen
Featuring Ako Dachs and Akiko Hiroshima 

This excerpt of a short play by Tonya Pinkins was directed by Lili Stiefel and performed by Annie McGreevey (as Carolyn Donham) & Rachael Holmes (as Emmett Till’s mother, Mamie Till) as part of Truth & Reconciliation of Womyn in the #HealMeToo Festival on April 14, 2019 at the IRT Theater.

Festival Performance Credits

March 31: Directed by Tonya Pinkins, Choreography by Robin Sokoloff, with talkback moderated by psychologist Jim Andrailis, featuring:

To History/To Whom It May Concern, by Jaisey Bates

With Amanda Rodriguez, Lina Sarrello, Sarah Teed, Julie Brown & Carmen LoBue

Bank, by Lucy Thurber

With Mary Archbold & Lina Sarrello

Tierra de las Flores, by Glory Kadigan

With Paulina Delaparra & Sarah Teed

Law 136, by Carmen Rivera

With Amanda Rodriguez, Lina Sarrello & Mary Archbold

Tilling the Soil, by Michelle Tyrene Johnson

With Carmen LoBue & Mary Archbold

April 7: Directed by Kat Yen, with talkback moderated by psychologist Anath Garber, featuring:

The Proposal, by Nandita Shenoy

With Siho Ellsmore & June Ballinger

Uncivil Wars, by Caridad Svich

With Ako Dachs & Akiko Hiroshima

Hawk's Bell of Gold, by Desi Moreno-Penson

With Sarah Teed & Paulina Delaperra

Now is the Time, by Tonya Pinkins

With Angela Ellamore, Akiko Hiroshima, Paulina Delaparra,

Siho Ellamore, Sarah Teed & June Ballinger

The Grandmothers, by Kristine M Reyes

With Ako Dachs, Akiko Hiroshima, Paulina Delaparra, Sarah Teed & Siho Ellsmore

A Job To Do, by Angela Sclafani

With Angela Sclafani & the Company

April 14: Directed by Lili Stiefel, with talkback moderated by psychologist Katherine Perez-Antoine, featuring:

Till Hell Freezes Over, by Tonya Pinkins

With Annie McGreevey & Rachael Holmes

Grace Us With Your Presence, by Aditi N Kini

With Annie McGreevey, Mary Archbold, Shivani Mathur & Ambika Raina

In a Roundabout Way, by Kim Sykes

With Annie McGreevey & Rachael Holmes

Other, by Jasmine McLeish

With Jasmine McLeish & Mary Archbold

Womyn, written & performed by Julie Brown

Truth and Reconciliation of Womyn is made possible in part with public funds from Creative Engagement, supported by New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the Council and the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo administered by LMCC.